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2021年10月開講、MIT(マサチューセッツ工科大学)学生によるオンライン3ヶ月コンピュータサイエンス講座、DOIT!(Dirigo Online InsTitute) CSコースです。





Introduction to Doit! By Ignacio Ortega

DOIT! Is an online education platform with the goal of providing a space for students to learn and explore new topics with groups. 

We bring some of the worlds brightest college students, from schools like MIT, to inspire and teach young learners about their passions and areas of expertise. Currently, we are focusing on Computer Science courses.

Our Courses

Introduction to Hands on Machine Leaning With Kyle (Tuesday 8pm JST)

Covers linear separators, neural networks, and basic data processing techniques. Students will be able to follow along with weekly demonstrations, culminating in a hands-on final project. Students will learn how to think about machine learning problems, applications of machine learning, and analyze basic datasets. Experience with python is helpful but not required.

Introduction to Python with Booker (Tuesday 8pm JST)

Introduction to Python for high school students with little to no programming background. In this fun and engaging course students will learn the basic building blocks of programming in Python, as well as the mindset required to be a successful programmer. By the end of this twelve week long course, students will be able to apply what they have learned and create their own program that they can use everyday, or just show off to their friends!

Computer Science Fundamentals with William

Welcome to Computer Science Foundations! Through this fun and engaging 12 week course, high school students with little or no programming background learn how to decompose problems and create solutions by developing programs and algorithms. This course teaches the basic building blocks of programming in Python covering variables, operators, and branching. As the course advances students learn iteration, abstraction, and elementary algorithms. Students will be able to follow along with weekly demonstrations and exercises, culminating in a hands-on final project where the students make their own video game.

How it Works

One hour a week for 12 weeks, the student will meet with our instructor and their cohort to go over the materials and homework. Over the course of the class, students will be working towards a final project which will be presented to members of the DOIT! Community. 

The students will use our DOIT! platform to access learning materials and submit homework. The hour long lessons will be held over zoom at the same time every week. Each lesson is limited to 6 students in order to allow students to make a tighter connection with the professor. Upon completion students will get a certificate for the course they completed.

Communication and Practice

Our courses are designed in order to maximize growth in 2 main areas: communications and practice. 

We believe that in today’s society it is not enough to be knowledgeable. One must be able to communicate and share their knowledge and ideas. That is why we place an emphasis on class presentations and for students to work on a final project. 

This final project will be presented to the DOIT! Community and serve as a means for students to showcase their learnings. This final project serves as a trophy for the hard work that the students put in and as a proof of learning to the student. The project is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle as it offers the students a chance to practice the skills they have been learning on a weekly basis.

Cost of Attendance

We are currently only taking sign ups and will present students with the ability to pay for the course closer to mid-August. After payment is received, the students will gain access to our learning platform where all the course materials will be available to them.

Given the limited enrollment size of the classrooms, we encourage you to sign up as soon as possible.

Register to keep up to date and for a chance to be in the first Doit! Class!